Plate Decorated with Silenus and a Maenad from Mal’tseva


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Inscription & Other Marking Notes

Five control stamps– monograms and busts– on the base of the vessel, within the foot ring. In addition, a name, ΑΝΔΡΕΟΥ, is scratched into the vessel (Dodd 1961, 202). The stamps date the vessel to the reign of Heraclius (613-629/30) (Dodd 1961, 202).

Technical Notes

silver with gilding / 25.8 cm diameter / 11.7 cm diameter (footring) / 1181 g weight

Major Eurasian Silver Publications

*Only mentioned in itemized  lists in K. V. Trever and V. G. Lukonin, Sasanidskoe serebro: sobranie Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha: khudozhestvenniia kul’tura Irana III-VIII vekov (Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1987), 123; V. P. Darkevich, Khudozhestvennyi metall Vostoka VIII-XIII vv.: proizvedeniia vostochnoi torevtiki na territorii evropeiskoi chasti SSSR i Zaural’ia (Moscow: Nauka, 1976), 23.

Additional Bibliography

Dodd, Erica Cruikshank. Byzantine Silver Stamps. Washington, D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks, 1961. 

Otchet Imperatorskoi Arkheologicheskoi Komissii 1878 i 1879. Saint Petersburg, 1881.

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