Plate Decorated with Cross and Fluting from Mal’tseva


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Inscription & Other Marking Notes

Nine control stamps– monograms and busts– on the base of the vessel, within the foot ring. A set of 5 stamps (standard number) and another 4 stamps were pressed at different times. The latter 4 are worn and would thus appear to be part of the first set pressed (Dodd 1961, 173). The stamps date the vessel to the reign of Heraclius (613-629/30) (Dodd 1961, 173). Also, the floral wreath around the cross on the front of the plate cuts into the cross stamps, showing that the stamps were pressed before the imagery was created (Matsulevich 1929, 296). 

Technical Notes

silver with gilding and niello / 27 cm diameter

Major Eurasian Silver Publications

*Only mentioned in itemized  lists in K. V. Trever and V. G. Lukonin, Sasanidskoe serebro: sobranie Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha: khudozhestvenniia kul’tura Irana III-VIII vekov (Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1987), 124; V. P. Darkevich, Khudozhestvennyi metall Vostoka VIII-XIII vv.: proizvedeniia vostochnoi torevtiki na territorii evropeiskoi chasti SSSR i Zaural’ia (Moscow: Nauka, 1976), 36.

Additional Bibliography

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