Hoard Map

This map geotags the hoards from which currently cataloged vessels come. Clicking on teal map markers will provide a pop-up with basic hoard location information, an image carousel of the vessels found there, and a ‘more details’ link to the vessel pages of the given hoard. Alternatively, below the map is an alphabetical listing of the hoards. Clicking on a hoard name will refocus the map on the given hoard location.

Note that I assign hoard names according to the nearest existing municipality. I note significant historical variations on the Search Categories page and provide further details on individual object pages. Occasionally a hoard’s location has only been described by the waterway on which it was discovered. In these cases, I provide coordinates for the river mouth.

Hoard geotags are, perhaps, the largest contribution of this website to the field. Many scholars continue to describe hoard find-spots by obsolete place names of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Sometimes locating these find-spots are straightforward, and other times I spend hours scrutinizing century-old maps for renamed or abandoned villages. The digital database, это место, has been invaluable for undertaking this research, and I owe a special thanks to the folk there who have collected, digitalized, and cataloged old maps and atlases. I utilize both 2GIS and Yandex Maps to search and collect my geographical coordinates. Given the era and nature of most hoard discoveries, the coordinates are approximate, not exact.